Gadgets and their Mechanism to unlock Cars

Here are those tools which help in unlocking the car when it is locked

Gap Wedge

The name itself says that it creates a gap so this tool actually creates a gap at the top of the door without scratching the paint and preventing damages to the car. It is generally in plastic which actually does not cause a big damage to the car. This wedge actually is inserted at the top of the door and frame and thus a gap is created to unlock the door.

Air Wedge – It actually comes in a step by step process now then the gap wedge has created enough gap to push the air wedge. Now after the gap being created by the wedge the air wedge now creates enough space to insert the metal rod. This device actually creates an opening for the metal rod. As the gap wedge forms enough space to push the air wedge, all we need to do here is insert the tool i.e. the air wedge between the car door and frame, and take it up until there is enough room to insert the rod.

How To Open A Locked Car DoorThe wedges are also in stiff plastic which can make them much easier to fit between the car door and frame

Metal Rod – This is an important tool to have. This is the main tool which is going to be used to actually unlock the door. Now insert the rod through the opening created by the air wedge. You should by now be able to reach the unlock button to push or pull. It is essential to buy a tool which can reach the unlock button or push or pull depending on the car.

This is actually used as a last option

Slim Jim – This tool is used especially in cars which were bought in mid years say 80’s so it has to be handled with care as it’s a very tough procedure to handle.

Step 1 is when you have to insert the tool carefully between the passenger window and weather stripping. The access might be very little say an inch space to insert and thus it has to be handled with care.

Swing the tool slowly front and back till the lock moves and now this indicates that you have reached the lock rod and now slowly insert the slim Jim on the lock rod

Now heave up until the lock pops up. And now your car is unlocked.


Please don’t use a hanger as it might affect the car in the below mentioned ways

•    Damaging the Car

•    It would aggravate your temper

•    And it is not reliable as its time consuming with its new versions.

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